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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Skin - UHB & NBT

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Service Overview

The suspected skin cancer service is provided by UHBristol at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and NBT at Southmead Hospital. The services are for patients who meet the NICE Skin Cancer Two Week Wait criteria.

The service offers consultation with diagnostics and onward referral for treatment as required.

At time of referral please issue the relevant BNSSG 2WW Patient Information Leaflet - COVID-19 edition, which is available in English and 14 additional languages.

There is also an Easy Read version of the leaflet.


Contact details ADULT 2WW:

NBT - Tel on 0117 414 0522 / 0536 / 0537 / 0538 or email to

UHBW - Tel on 0117 342 3277 or email to


Referral Guidance

Please refer to the 2WW proforma for local 2WW criteria, including which head and neck BCCs should be referred urgently.

Referrals should be made using the 2WW proforma.

If possible please include a patient email address and obtain consent for patient to be contacted by secure email regarding their appointment if necessary.

For referrals of lesions that might be malignant and are within 5mm of the ocular margins, these need to be referred to UHBW so that they can triage into the eye service (no other provider can triage into the eye service).

If you would like advice on a skin lesion that you suspect is NOT high risk (ie NOT a melanoma or invasive squamous cell carcinoma) please use the Dermatology Advice & Guidance service (e-RS).

Clinical Guidance

For further guidance including weighted 7 point check list please see NICE Cancer Guidelines 2015 - Skin Cancers

There are useful resources and pictures on the PCDS website at the links below:

Malignant Melanoma

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Basal Cell Carcinoma (usually not 2WW unless there is particular concern that a delay may have a significant impact, because of factors such as lesion site or size. Please see the 2WW proforma for details of which head and neck BCCs should be referred urgently)

NBT 2WW service during COVID-19

GPs should continue to make referrals for suspected skin cancer using the 2WW pathway as above.

Once the referral is received NBT have now introduced a system where they will then ask patients to take photographs to aid remote triage of these referrals using an app called myskinselfie. If patients are unable to take photos then the default position will be a face to face consultation.

Further details can be found below:

NBT 2WW Dermatology referrals myskinselfie app

2WW Patient instructions myskinselfie