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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Haematology - 2WW

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Service Overview

This service is provided by UHBristol at Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre and NBT at Southmead Hospital.

At time of referral please issue the relevant BNSSG 2WW Patient Information Leaflet - COVID-19 edition, which is available in English and 14 additional languages.

There is also an Easy Read version of the leaflet.


Referral Guidance

Patients should be referred to this service only if they meet the Haematological Cancer 2WW wait criteria as per the NICE Guidance.

Patients should be referred using the Haematological Cancer 2WW proforma (word doc).

There are also Local Haematology Guidelines written by UBHT consultants  available in the Haematology section of Remedy and the Haematology Advice and Guidance service run but UBHT which is available via e-referral.

For Children with suspected Haematological Cancers please refer to the Child and Young People section.

Clinical Guidance

Please see link to NICE Cancer Guidelines 2015 - Haematological Cancers

NS MOM pathways

There are NS MOM pathways for:

Acute Leukaemia