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Falls specialist nurse providing non-urgent comprehensive geriatric assessment for complex patients at risk of recurrent falls, who are registered with a Bristol GP and who have already been screened for unstable medical problems. Will agree an action plan for further investigation or risk reduction with the patient and refer to other services as necessary.



Who to refer

Older people who have had more than one fall in the last 12 months.
Older people who have difficulty with balance or walking
Older people who present for medical attention following a fall

How to refer

Fax letter to 0117 9190296
Or post to: Ruth Cowell, Falls Specialist Nurse
Knowle Clinic,
Broadfield Road,
Bristol BS4 2UH

Referrals are not accepted directly from Care Homes

Referral contact details:

Telephone: 0117 9190290 or 07767 220976


Referral form (TEST link)