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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

BNSSG Adult Joint Formulary


Please find below all of the BNSSG approved Shared Care Protocols.
See Formulary Paperwork section for all forms to fill in for the Joint Formulary Group.


Hormonal treatment London Clinic FtM 2011 
Hormonal treatment London clinic MtF 2011 
Hydroxycarbamide SCP NBTUHB july2015 V23 
Hydroxychloroquine (Rheumatology and Dermatology single shared care protocol) 
Hypertonic Saline (Nebulised) NBTUHB Jan14 
Ibandronic Acid in Early Post-menopausal breast cancer (2020) 
Ivabradine SCP 2018 
Lacosamide SCP Epilepsy Update May 2019 v2 
Lacosamide Neuropathic Pain UHB 10 
Lanthanum NBT SCP March15 
Leflunomide SCP rheum 
Leuprorelin Breast Cancer SCP Sept 2020 
Linaclotide SCP June 14 V15 
Lisdexamfetamine ADHD adults 2020 

Lisdexamfetamine ADHD- GP Practices not signed up to ADHD LES 
Lithium SCP AWP March 2021 
Melatonin Paediatric SCP see Paediatric formulary 
Melatonin in LD SCP 2019 

Melatonin for REM Sleep Disorder SCP v1.1 
Mercaptopurine SCP Gastro 
Mercaptopurine SCP Autoimmune Hepatitis 
Methotrexate IBD SCP 
Methotrexate Neuro SCP 
Methotrexate SCP Derm 
Methotrexate SCP rheum  (includes ocular inflammation and interstitial lung disease)
Methylphenidate SCP 2020 (ADHD) 

Methylphenidate SCP ADHD- GP practices not signed up to the ADHD LES 
Midodrine SCP UHBNBTWeston Nov15 V13 
Modafinil SCP 2018 
Mycophenolate SCP 2021 (incorporates rheumatological indications, autoimmune hepatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, interstitial lung disease, neurological, dermatology and oral medicine indications and ocular inflammation)
Nalmefene SCP Bristol v1 May2015 
Naltrexone (Alcohol) Treatment pathway 
Naltrexone (Alcohol) agreement form 
Naltrexone (Opiates) agreement form 
Naltrexone for alcohol v4 2017 
Naltrexone opiate SCP v4 17 
Nebulsied Colistin trial info NBT 

Opicapone v1 March 2021 
Oxcarbazepine SCP Update May 2019 v2 
Penicillamine Cystinuria NBT Sept 12  
Penicilliamine SCP rheum 2017 
Perampanel SCP 2018 
Pramipexole SCP 2020 
Prasugrel SCP 22
Pregabalin SCP May 19 
Ranolazine SCP BNSSG 2019 
Rasagiline SCP 2020 
Rifaximin SCP 2021 
Riluzole SCP updated Jan 18 
Rivaroxaban for ACS 

Rivaroxaban with aspirin March 2021 
Roflumilast for COPD SCP Update 
Ropinirole SCP 2020 
Rotigotine prescribing guidance 2018 
Rufinamide update Nov 16 
Sacubitrilvalsartan (Entresto) v2 

Safinamide 2022
Selegiline SCP 2020 
Sevelamer NBT18 V51 
Sildenafil for digital ulceration for systemic sclerosis 
Sodium clodronate Myeloma UHB 09 

sodium valproate AWP SCP 
StalevoSastraviStanek SCP NBT Feb 18 
Sulfasalazine concise sheet 
Sulfasalazine rheum SCP 
Tapentadol MR SCP NBTUHB sept13

Testosterone gel (Menopause) Jan22

Testosterone injection (Nebido®)

Testosterone injection (Sustanon®)
Ticargrelor 2018 
Tobramycin NBT Nov 12 
Typical antipsychotic depots SCP (includes flupentixol, zuclopenthixol, haloperidol, fluphenazine)
Valproate for women and girls of child bearing potential SCP Jan 2020 

Vortioxetine SCP 2016 
Zonisamide SCP May 2019