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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

BNSSG Adult Joint Formulary

6. Endocrine system Guidelines


Blood Glucose Monitoring

BNSSG Diabetes Technology Pathway for patients with Type 1 diabetes

BNSSG Type 1 Blood Glucose Monitoring Guidance (Primary Care) (undergoing review, update expected September 2022)

BNSSG Type 2 Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitoring Guidance (Adults) 

Abbott FreeStyle Libre® Flash Glucose Monitoring System Prescribing Information for Primary Care


BNSSG Pen Needles Guidance (update expected June 2022)

Insulin Toolkit for Care Homes 



When to start Osteoporosis Treatment 2021

Osteoporosis - oral treatment duration, denosumab and drug holiday guidance 2021

BNSSG Osteoporosis Clinic Referral Guidance for GPs 2021

Bisphosphonate Drug Holiday Algorithm June 2021

Denosumab Drug Holiday Algorithm June 2021


Hormone Therapy for Gender Reassignment

Local Guidance

Guidance from Gender Identity Clinics (GIC) Clinics 




BNSSG Menopause Guidelines and HRT Prescribing Pathway April 2022



Guidance on issuing the Steroid Emergency Card in adults

BNSSG Tool on Implementing the NPSA alert on the Emergency steroid card

For information regarding provision of a Steroid Emergency card for paediatrics, please see Paediatric Chapter 6.2 for further details