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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

BNSSG Adult Joint Formulary

2. Cardiovascular System Guidelines

Anticoagulation Guidance


DOAC Decision Aid Tool (July 2022)

Supporting Guidance for DOACs in AF (Sept 2013; under review)

Summary of considerations when prescribing a DOAC (March 2020; under review)

BNSSG Guidance on switching between oral anticoagulants (July 2022)

FAQS about anticoagulation with Warfarin for GPs (July 2013)

NBT DOAC counselling checklist (Oct 2013; under review; expected summer 2022)

UHB Anticoagulants counselling (Nov 2020; under review; expected summer 2022)

Edoxaban Switch Protocol


Anticoagulation Patient Information





Antiplatelet Guidance


Antiplatelet Guidelines March 2021 BNSSG


Heart Failure Guidance


Primary Care Heart Failure Treatment Guideline

Practical Guidance on how to use Heart Failure Medications

Traffic light: How to monitor renal function and potassium rises in stable Heart Failure

Use of Dapagliflozin & Empagliflozin (SGLT2i) in Patients with Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction

 See 'Endocrine System Guidelines' page for the 'Advice on the use of SGLT-2 inhibitors in Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease'

Lipid Guidance


BNSSG Management of Blood Lipid Levels

Inclisiran Clinical Guidelines

Inclisiran Information for Primary Care

AAC/NHSE Statin Intolerance Pathway