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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Vaccination for COVID-19

Checked: 12-02-2021 by Rob.Adams Next Review: 12-02-2022

Mass Vaccination

Please see Teamnet page for Mass Vaccinations for latest advice about COVID-19 vaccination.

Latest patient advice and priority groups for vaccination can also be found on the NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccination page.

Vaccine allergy

Up to date information about COVID vaccines including information about adverse reactions and contraindications, can be found in the Green Book (chapter 14a) 

Severe allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccination are extremely rare.

All vaccinators undergo training on the different vaccines currently being used which includes information about reactions to the vaccine, and contra-indications for patients who may be more at risk of anaphylaxis.

If a patient has a severe or unexpected allergic reaction then please refer to the NBT pathway for patient with possible vaccine allergy. This is the only route for advice and management of these patients and other referral routes should not be used.

Details on this pathway and information required for referral can be found on the Immunology and Allergy advice and guidance page.


Pregnancy and vaccination

Please see the latest guidance regarding vaccination for pregnant patients considering the vaccine.

COVID vaccine for children

There are 2 priority groups where some children, mainly 16-18 year olds can be considered for a COVID vaccine:

  • Priority group 4 that are clinically extremely vulnerable (and)
  • Priority group 6 that are adults aged 16 to 65 in an at risk group

Please see further information about these indications here.



Green Book (chapter 14a)