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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary


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Shielded Groups

Please see lastest updates and information on TeamNet to find out information on who should be Shielded and GP responsibilities.

Summary of GP responsibilities:

  • Review individuals who have already been identfified and coded by the national clinical algorithm.
  • Review individuals who have been identified by secondary care providers.
  • Add flags to individuals who you know to be vulnerable and have not been previously identified.
  • Review individuals who have self identified as vulnerable.

Registration of Shielded Patients

All patients at highest clinical risk who are shielding are asked to register on the Government Support website. This service provides access to food and medications whilst at home if needed.

To access this, patients must be flagged as highest clinical risk by the central process, their GP or a hospital specialist. 

Please note, there may be a short delay between the flag being applied and support arriving. 

Volunteer Services for Shielded Patients

Please see Volunteer Support in the Community

Wellbeing resources for shielding patients

Local GPs have created a list of wellbeing resources for shielding or vulnerable people which is available on the CCG website at the link below: