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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Referrals (Paediatric) during COVID-19

Checked: 09-09-2020 by Rob.Adams Next Review: 08-09-2021


Update **20.05.20** Paediatric services have been reopened on ERS for Routine referrals.

Emergency Department

Children's ED continues to operate as normal and acutely unwell children should still attend if appropriate.

Please see the Guidance for Parents and Carers produced by NHSE which advises on when to present to ED, GP or call NHS111 if a child is unwell.

Out Patient Referrals

Please consider the following before making a referral:

  • Use Remedy guidelines or the Bristol Royal Hospital Chidrens guidelines prior to making referrals.
  • If more specific advice is required, consider using advice and guidance services. The Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BRHC) has set up several routes to access advice if needed (see sections below).
  • Referrals to Paediatrics will only be accepted if the child is aged 15 years or under at time of referral.

Advice and Guidance

Please see the Paediatric section for details of current Advice & Guidance services