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Personal Protective Equipment

Checked: 12-06-2020 by Rob.Adams Next Review: 12-08-2020

PPE - PHE guidelines

Please see the COVID-19 PPE guidance  from Public Health England.

See the summary chart for Recommended PPE for Primary and community care settings (table 2) .


PPE - BMA guidelines

The BMA has published General Practice Preparedness Guidelines (3.4.20) which include advice on PPE.

Their recommendation suggests:

'All patients in primary care should be treated as if they have COVID-19 infection and PPE must be worn at all times. Without widespread testing, and for the protection of frontline healthcare workers and patients alike, all must be properly protected.'

PPE supplies for primary care

Please go to the TeamNet page for the latest advice on completion of sitrep returns and obtaining supplies of PPE.

Donning and doffing of PPE

Below are instructions on donning and doffing PPE produced by PHE:

Donning PPE (putting it on)

Doffing PPE (taking it off)