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Learning Disability and COVID-19

Checked: 30-12-2020 by vicky.ryan Next Review: 17-12-2021

LD COVID-19 Symptom Presentation

Please find attached a guide developed by Sirona care & health containing information from the Berkshire Healthcare report and the South West NHSE&I COVID-19 mortality review for people with learning disabilities.

The document outlines the COVID-19 symptoms and common presentation in individuals with learning difficulties as well as differential diagnosis tools and considerations.

Pulse Oximetry

Patients on the learning disability register are eligible to access Pulse Oximetry at home Virtual Ward provided by Sirona.

The Community LD Teams (CLDT’s) are supporting the virtual ward to ensure equitable access. 

GP’s can refer individuals on the LD register to the virtual ward, even if the person is unable to access it autonomously – there is a supported process within Sirona to ensure their access. This includes such help as training, remote prompting and direct support.

Easyread COVID Vaccination poster/ leaflet

Please see attached Easyread COVID Vaccine Please don't call us leaflet / poster