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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Advice and Guidance during COVID-19

Checked: 26-05-2020 by vicky.ryan Next Review: 02-10-2020


Advice & Guidance services already in place through e-RS will continue to be managed through the usual process:

Secondary care teams are asking colleagues to be judicious in the use of advice and guidance during the crisis. The referral team suggest using the following 5 scenarios as appropriate criteria when seeking support in managing patients:

  1. Diagnostic uncertainty that will affect safe / effective management of patient
  2. Uncertainty around clinical management (once REMEDY pathway guidelines have been checked) that will affect safe / effective management of patient
  3. Support to interpret primary care diagnostics (e.g. ECG) that will affect management
  4. Patients on a follow up pending list who have been deferred and present in primary care with problem that GP cannot manage alone
  5. Clarification of prioritisation between routine and urgent.

It is also suggested that referrers include their mobile telephone numbers when requesting A and G so that clinicians can contact them directly if needed to discuss a patient's care.


If primary care would like advice from a specialist team and this is not currently available through an existing Advice and Guidance service on eRS then please see the attached contact details (05.05.20) . Please remember to include [SECURE] in the subject title if the email address is not

NBT Advice & Guidance services already in place through e-RS will continue to be managed through the usual process (please see Remedy Advice & Guidance pages linked above)

Responses will be returned within 7 calendar days. If a response has not been received within 7 calendar days please escalate this via

Ask the Med Reg

A telephone advice service for geriatric and acute medicine on non-emergency matters. See the attached poster for full details. NB. One of the phone numbers was printed in correctly. It should be 4142464 instead of 4142424 in the second number in the poster (first one is correct) so the two numbers you can use are 0117 414 2452 and 0117 414 2464. The team will be reissuing this poster and we'll share an updated version when we have it.



Please use eRS to access Advice and Guidance services for UHB and Weston (UHBW).

Please see the full list of services now available (15.05.20) on eRS. 



Please see the Referrals (Paediatric) during COVID-19 page for details on paediatric servcies including A and G.


There should be some form of advice & guidance available for all specialties. If you cannot find the service you require please inform the Referral Support Service.

Community Services Advice & Guidance

Sirona Care & Health have set up advice & guidance services for GPs in the following areas:

Respiratory Advice & Guidance Service

Community Dermatology A&G for diagnosed patients.