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Breast Implants - DRAFT

Checked: 23-09-2019 by Rob.Adams Next Review: 23-09-2020


Breast implant surgery is not routinely available on the NHS. Please see the Breast Surgery page for links to the various funding policies that apply.

Referral for revision or replacement of breast implants that have been inserted privately is also not funded. However if there is are undiagnosed breast symptoms then a 2WW Breast referral should be considered if appropriate.

If rupture of an implant that was inserted privately is suspected, then the patient should first approach the private provider to get advice. If they are unable or unwilling to seek further private treatment then an NHS breast referral via eRS can be made to confirm the diagnosis and exclude other causes (direct referrals via ICE for USS to confirm rupture will normally be rejected). However, once diagnosis is confirmed and no concerning pathology found, then removal of the implant would not be routinely available on the NHS and there would need to be exceptional circumstances for funding to be approved. Ruptured breast implants are not thought to cause increase in risk of cancer or other health problems (would be good to have reference or supporting statement here)Please therefore warn the patient that removal/replacement of an implant or any reconstructive surgery will not be offered.

PIP implants - follow link for information on PIP implants and indications for removal.



If referral is indicated please use the standard Breast Clinic 2WW proforma to make both suspected cancer and routine referrals.