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Advice and Guidance Service - Endocrinology

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Endocrine Advice and Guidance is provided by NBT and can be accessed via eReferral.

Before requesting advice, please refer to the Endocrine Guidelines on Remedy produced by the NBT Endocrinologists as these guidelines may be able to give an answer to your question.

To enable the consultants to give the best advice possible please consider the following points:

  • Give a clear concise history and examination findings- avoid cutting and pasting long lists of consultation notes that are not relevant to the problem in hand.
  • Include relevant results, investigations and recent correspondence if appropriate but avoid multiple attachments that can take time to download and make the triage process more cumbersome.
  • Ask a clear clinical question and avoid ambiguity.
  • Avoid requests for complex patients known to an individual consultant as they are unlikely to be the consultant giving the advice and may not have easy access to details of previous contacts with the patient. In these cases consider writing or emailing the relevant secretary directly.

Advice & Guidance requests are not processed by the referral service. All requests should be submitted directly using eReferral. 

Requesting Advice NBT

The Endocrinology A&G service run by NBT is a platform to request advice on patient's aged 16 years and over.?

All requests for Advice and Guidance should be submitted by eReferral.

Please see the Endocrinology A&G Steps - NBT (word doc) for guidance on how to submit a request through e-Referral to NBT.