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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

Rheumatology Advice & Guidance (15/10/19)

Rheumatology A&G has been suspended at UHB. A service is still available at WAHT.

ReSPECT (11/10/19)

Information and supporting documents on ReSPECT have been added to Remedy.

Self-management courses for Hip and Knee Pain (09/10/19)

Details of the ESCAPE-pain programme and a similar Nuffield Joint pain programme have been added to Remedy in the Physiotherapy section

Notification of death to the Coroner (09/10/19)

New regulations came into force on 01/10/19. These have been added to the Avon Coroner page of Remedy

Fertility Assessment & Treatment (07/10/19)

A summary of guidelines for referring patients has been added to the Fertility page

NSCP Frailty & Falls Service (03/10/19)

Details for the combined Frailty & Falls Service at North Somerset Community Partnership have been updated


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