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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

Acute Assessment of patients with proven or suspected COVID-19 (20/04/21)

The Primary Care Assessment and Management guidelines on this page have been updated.

Post COVID-19 Vaccination Headache (19/04/21)

Information on Management of post-vaccination headache has been updated Vaccination for COVID-19 page

COVID-19 Vaccine Allergy (16/04/21)

Information of COVID-19 vaccine allergy has been updated.

Tongue Tie (07/04/21)

Information on Tongue Tie has been updated 

Breastfeeding (07/04/21)

The Breastfeeding Problems and Breastfeeding Support pages have been updated

Paediatric GPwSI service (Bristol & South Glos)(31/03/21)

This service closes on 31/03/21.

Knee Pain (26/03/21)

A new page covering Knee Pain has been added including advice on imaging


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