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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

Adult Community Contract (31/03/20)

Referral details for Community Services are changing. Please check the relevant page before referring.

COVID-19 (update 24/03/20)

Please see our new COVID-19 section (see top of menu on the left) for links to information and updates. All trusts are now closed to routine referrals until further notice. During the pandemic we would advise all referrers to use guidelines on Remedy where possible or to use Advice and Guidance services where available and appropriate. Urgent referrals can be made as normal but will be triaged before being accepted. 2WW and HOT clinic referrals can be processed as normal.

Diabetes Self-management during illness (19/03/20)

Patient leaflets to support Diabetes self-management have been added to Remedy.

Ultrasound Guidance (11/03/20)

Please familiarise youself with the new detailed guidance on appropriate Ultrasound requests across all 3 Trusts

Concussion/ mild traumatic brain injury (10/03/20)

Information on Concussion and mild traumatic brain injury has been added to Remedy

Rheumatology A&G (10/03/20)

The Rheumatology A&G service at WAHT is now restricted to North Somerset patients


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