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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

myCOPD App (20/05/22)

Details of how to sign patients up to the myCOPD App are now available

COVID Oximetry @Home Virtual Ward (17/05/22)

The COVID Oximetry service criteria have been updated

Menopause (16/05/22)

The specialist Menopause clinic at UHBW is now closed to new referrals

Long COVID in children (13/05/22)

The pathway has been updated for Long COVID in children with referrals going to the specialist fatigue service in Bath

Rhionosinusitis (11/05/22)

The Rhinosinusitis page has been updated in line with the new Nasal Treatment Policy

Low Calorie Diet Pilot (09/05/22)

Information on the Low Calorie Diet Pilot has been added

TB Screening and BCG (Paeds) (29/04/22)

The BCG pathway and referral form have been updated.

Young Adult Rheumatology Service (20/04/22)

Details on referring to Young Adult Rheumatology Services have been added.


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