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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Latest News:

Sending a DVT referral to GP Care (06/06/19)

The guide for submitting a DVT referral via EMIS managed referrals has been updated.

Patient Transport Leaflet (05/06/19)

A leaflet explaining the service, medical criteria and process to book patient transport across BNSSG has been added to the BNSSG Referral Service page.

Pain Services (21/05/19)

The Pain Services page has been updated. We encourage you to look at this page to determine if your patient is suitable for a referral to the pain clinic.

UHB Respiratory HOT clinic (15/05/19)

The referral route for this clinic is changing from fax to eRS from 16/05/19. See Respiratory HOT clinic page for further details.


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