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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

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Bristol Royal Hospital for Children - Guidelines for GPs (19/03/19)

Links have been added to the BRHC guidelines on Anaemia and Epistaxis

Moulded Ear Plugs (14/03/19)

Moulded ear plugs for swimming with a perforation are not commissioned. For further details see Moulded Ear Plugs

Specialist Neuromuscular Services (12/03/19)

Details of specialist neuromuscular services have been added to the Adults and Children's sections of Remedy

Veterans Mental Health Services (05/03/19)

Details of dedicated Veterans Mental Health Services have been added to Remedy

Food Allergy - Management in children (01/03/19)

New interim guidelines have been added to Remedy. These are not yet available on the BRHC GP website. The North Somerset MOM pathways on allergy have now been removed as they are superseded by these guidelines.


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