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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

EPAC - NBT (09/12/19)

The email address to send EPAC referrals to NBT has been updated

Bluebell (28/11/19)

Bluebell - supports parents experiencing depression and anxiety related to pregnancy and up to 2 years after birth across BNSSG. See Perinatal Mental Health.

Phlebotomy - BRI (25/11/19)

The walk-in phlebotomy service (Rm A410 at the BRI) for GP patients attending for routine GP requested blood tests has been withdrawn. Patients should be informed of the change in service and the need to arrange appointments at their GP surgeries for future blood tests.

Paediatric GPSI (21/11/19)

The Paediatric Clinical Advice service provided by Dr David Capehorn and colleagues for GPs in Bristol and South Gloucestershire ceases to operate from today. Advice & Guidance is still available from the Children's Hospital and WGH for medical cases.

Liver Pathways (Updated 20/11/19)

The Abnormal LFT and Alcohol Related Liver Disease pathways have been updated

Varicocele (19/11/19)

New information on Varicocele has been added to Remedy.

Meralgia Paraesthetica (18/11/19)

New information on Meralgia Paraesthetica has been added to Remedy

Physiotherapy - Adults (14/11/19)

We have updated the following physiotherapy pages: MSK, Neuro, Pelvic Health and Respiratory.


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