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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic - UHB (28/02/20)

The referral process is changing on 2nd March. See RACPC for details.

Perpetrator pathway (27/02/20)

A Perpetrator pathway has been added to the Domestic Violence page

MRI Open Scanner (26/02/20)

Details for accessing MRI scanners for claustrophobic and patients with obesity have been added to Remedy.

Chronic Disease Monitoring (19/02/20)

The Chronic Disease Monitoring profiles have been updated.

Adult ADHD referrals (17/02/20)

The ADHD referral forms have been updated including part 2 which the patient is required to complete.

Alcohol related liver disease pathway (07/02/20)

The fibroscan threshold has been changed from AUDIT >19 to AUDIT >16 on the Liver pathway

Hyperlipidaemia (06/02/20)

Hyperlipidaemia guidelines have been added to Remedy

Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (05/02/20)

Links to up to date information on the Wuhan Coronavirus have been added.


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