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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Latest News:

One You South Gloucestershire (17/07/19)

The One You South Gloucestershire healthy lifestyles and wellbeing service is now live.

Tinnitus (15/07/19)

Information on Tinnitus and when to refer have been updated.

Waiting times (12/07/19)

A link to average Hospital waiting times on the CCG website has been added.

Dementia (11/07/19)

New information on Dementia Assessment and referral and Dementia Prescribing have replaced the previous guidance on Remedy

Liver disease (10/07/19)

The Abnormal LFTs and Chronic Liver Disease pages have been combined on the Liver Disease page

Back pain/ Spinal pathway (09/07/19)

New guidelines on Back pain/ Spinal pathway have been added to Remedy to replace the previous information.

Faecal Calprotectin (05/07/19)

New guidelines for Faecal Calprotectin testing cut-offs for IBS and IBD diagnosis have been added to Remedy


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