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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

Paediatric Allergy A&G (23/01/20)

Paediatric Allergy Advice & Guidance service has been launched by the Children's Hospital (Bristol & S.Glos patients)

Colon polyps (21/01/20)

Information on the management of colon polys has been added.

Warfarin monitoring (20/01/20)

Details on how to refer to warfarin monitoring / anticoagulation clinic have been added to Remedy

Ophthalmology pathways (20/01/20)

Ophthalmology guidelines on various conditions for Primary Care have been added to the Adults Ophthalmology section.

Paediatric GP with Special Interest Clinical Advice service (Bristol and South Gloucestershire) (13/01/20)

The Paediatric GPwSI Advice Service is now operational again

Domestic violence and abuse (13/01/20)

Information on Domestic violence has been added to Remedy

UTI (08/01/20)

Links to UTI management guidelines, including in Care Homes have been updated.


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