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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

HIV (09/12/21) 

Information on HIV has been updated including when to test and that Bristol is a high prevalence area

Long COVID in Children (08/12/21)

Information on the SW Long COVID Hub for Children & Young people has been added

Weight Management - Bristol (29/11/21)

Details of the new BeeZee Bodies Weight Management programme in Bristol have been added

Planetary Health and Sustainable Practice (25/11/21)

Information and resources on Planetary Health and Sustainable Practice have been added

Transport & Storage of samples (23/11/21)

Best practice guidelines have been provided by the biochemists at UHBW and NBT

Pause Programme (22/11/21)

The Pause Programme aims to help women break the cycle of pregnancy and child removal. It is available across BNSSG

Malnutrition and ONS (11/11/21)

A new page on Malnutrition and Oral Nutritional Supplements has been added

Neutropenia in children (10/11/21)

A link has been added to the Children's Hospital guideline on Neutropenia

Gout (Crystal Arthropathy) (08/11/21)

A new page on Gout has been added.

Limping - Acute limp in children (03/11/21)

A link has been added to this guideline on Primary Care Assessment of Acute Limp


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