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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

Dizziness & Vertigo (19/08/22)

Information on Dizziness & Vertigo has been updated

Managed Referrals in EMIS (16/08/22)

Information on how to submit a referral via EMIS Managed Referrals has been added.

Children's Weight Management in Bristol (09/08/22)

Information on the newly commissioned, Tier 2 weight management service, for children in Bristol has been added to the Weight Management Pathway for Children

Varicella (01/08/22)

A new page on Varicella includes signposting to guidance on Post exposure prophylaxis for chickenpox and shingles

Tinnitus (29/07/22)

The Tinnitus page has been updated

Identification tools for lipid management (28/07/22)

Information relating to the Identification tools for lipid management have been added to the Lipid A&G page

Monkeypox (28/07/22)

A new page signposting to current information on Monkeypox has been added


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