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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

Frailty - Urgent Care (14/01/22)

A link to the Admission Reflection Tool and contact details for both Trusts to discuss potential admission can be found on the Frailty - Urgent Care page

Depression (11/01/22)

A new page on Depression has been added

Breast Pain (06/01/22)

The straight to mammogram pathway is now live. Please see the Breast Pain page for more details.

Barrett's oesophagus (04/01/22)

A new page on Barrett's oesophagus has been added

Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic (RACPC) (30/12/21)

The RACPC page has been updated including one referral form for NBT and UHBW

Live Urgent and Emergency Care Dashboard (24/12/21)

A link to the Live UEC Dashboard can be found in the BNSSG CCG section

Stoma Care (21/12/21)

Information on Stoma Care has been added

Opiate Dependence (20/12/21)

A new page on Opiate dependence has been added

COVID Medicine Delivery Unit (CMDU)(17/12/21)

Referral details and information on the CMDU have been added to the COVID-19 area


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