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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

ECG Open Access (11/10/21)

Details of the BHI ECG Open Access clinic has been added

Tier 2 Weight Management (08/10/21)

A link to information on the Game of Stones Research trial taking part in Bristol has been added. The trial is looking for overweight men to take part.

Alternative Medicine (07/10/21)

A sign posting page on Alternative Medicine has been added.

Self-harm (24/09/21)

A new page on Self-Harm has been added to the Mental Health section

Suicidal thoughts (24/09/21)

The page on Suicidal Thoughts now includes information on safety planning

Female Urinary Incontinence (16/09/21)

Information on Female Urinary Incontinence has been updated 

LUTS (13/09/21)

Information on Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in men has been updated.

Influenza (10/09/21)

The Influenza page has been updated with information for 2021/22

Blood Bottle Shortage (02/09/21)

BNSSG update regarding the Blood bottle shortage has been added.

Salivary Gland Problems (20/08/21)

Guidelines on Salivary gland problems have been added 

Heart Failure (16/08/21)

The Heart Failure referral pathway has been updated.

Headache (13/08/21)

A new Headache pathway has been published on Remedy

End of Life Care - Community Support (10/08/21)

Information of End of Life Support in the community has been updated. This replaces the page on Palliative Care Home Support.


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