REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Latest News:

Drug & alcohol services for children (14/12/18)

We have updated the Drug & Alcohol services page for children and young people

Acute GP Team (formerly GP Support Unit) 06/12/18

The page containing Acute GP BrisDoc services at UHB & NBT has been updated including leaflets which can be printed and given to patients.

BNSSG Urgent & Secondary Care Contacts for GPs (05/12/18)

The Nov 2018 document has been added to Remedy on the Admission Avoidance page under Urgent Care

Physiotherapy - Local Services, Bladder & Pelvic Floor Physio (21/11/18)

The physiotherapy page of Remedy now includes all local services not just the community providers. Details of the Bladder & Pelvic Floor physio at UHB have also been updated.

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